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My overview of my 5-month trip around the world in 2017. I’ve been back in Australia one week, prior to writing this – and I know I haven’t processed it all yet… But hey… if you have any questions just send me an email or leave a comment below.



The trip began with only a few things in place: a ticket to Canada (Vancouver) a ticket from Toronto to Iceland, and from London to Morocco. I had insurance of course, and a bunch of countries I wouldn’t mind dropping into, the Couchsurfing app, Instagram, and a backpack that ended up being useless as a backpack because it weighed half of me and I couldn’t carry it for long periods of time… ahhh hindsight.

I left my cat, with my partner (and some leftover furniture etc. in the garage) stopped any work I had, and moved out of Brisbane officially. This was to be a time-limit-less trip…5 months was what it ended up.

Click each country name to read more, and see envy-inducing and wunderlust- inspired images.

I started in Whistler- which I diligently (kind of) wrote about. So I won’t go into too much detail about the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains and lakes.
I jetted overland, to Calgary and Toronto to visit some friends from past travels and then took a turbulence-infused, sleepless, overnight (but consistently light) flight off to…

Here I spent 10 days too few, in a country I can hardly explain in words. Although it rained and never got above 12degrees (middle of summer? seriously?) I was awestruck and am definitely visiting again. The only down side was tourists… like me, but I was lucky to have been visiting a friend of 10 years whom I met while studying in Denmark, so I felt a little less intrusive than the hoards of red, yellow, blue and orange raincoats and opted for no clothing, and some quiet time instead. Before I grabbed a flight to London to collect my younger sister and defrost in…

Although our parents took a trip here 30 odd years ago, and have raved about it since, it was never going to prepare us for what we might or might not experience as two, young, beautiful blonde women in a muslim country. We adored the shifting and varied landscape, I loved the fresh fish and not so much the rest of the food, we experienced hospitality and kindness from strangers, but also the other half one is likely to encounter that eventually left us exhausted from the catcalling, kissing noises and proposals and expectations for us to want many babies with the men of Maroc. Nevertheless, we learnt a lot in our two weeks – moreso about one another than anything else. And we parted ways in Tangier where I decided to take the ferry to…

I had made a little deal with myself I would only visit countries I hadn’t yet visited in Europe BUT I just ADORE Spain and it has always spoken to me (maybe the very historic Spanish heritage or the fact that most of the beaches are topless or nude friendly) and I made an exception specifically to visit a friend








Sri Lanka