Seed Crackers Version 1

I have a soft spot for savoury things. If tempted with piled-high crackers, versus chocolate at a function *poof, crunch* “What crackers?”

Seed Crackers IQS
Matching meal-in-a-buscuit crackers…

Crackers over chocolate? Sounds healthy right? WRONG! I had so little understanding of the empty shell of “food” I was giving myself by eating store-bought crackers and crisp breads. The amount of extra crap added to packaged brands makes me feel unwell just reading them, not to mention the sugar, thickeners, flavouring and preservatives I don’t need messing up my gut!

I’ve been making nut and seed crackers for about two years (since my retreat). I love dressing these up with cucumber, capsicum, avocado, home-made cream cheese, hummus or (my favourite) beetroot dip, and doing so means I get a proper power-punch, chew my food properly, and get in complimentary food groups too.

Why eat these funny looking crackers?
  1. The seeds ( and nut meal) in these are a great source of omega 3, fibre, calcium, natural oils and vitamins (like iron and magnesium) and provide longer-lasting energy than other processed crackers/chips.
  2. There is absolutely NOTHING hidden in them… water and chia seed goop are the only things holding them together really.
  3. adding garlic to the crackers offers extra flavour, and benefits.
  4. They fill you up and therefore you are less tempted to snack later, or eat too many… except in my case where I ate half the crackers in one sitting – they really were that good. Next time, they’ll be thinner.

Nutritional Info.

List of Ingredients: Chia seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, LSA meal, water, salt, fresh herbs (sage), garlic, dulse flakes. Full recipe is also here.

Diets: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexetarian. Note ♦ Nut free: use Pumpkin seed, flaxseed, or another seed meal. 

“I-Can’t-Cook” level: EASY…. A while ago I got my partner to try making them, and as I guess amounts when I do mine – I had to find a recipe for him to follow. I snapped out my trusty Sarah Wilson Collection (I have 2 of her books, & printouts from her website – FANGIRL), and it was a breeze for him. 

Have a recipe you love? Or gave these a try yourself? Leave me a comment, or send me an email.

N x