Recipe Collection

My top go-to Recipes are the ones I create myself. They are usually based on ones I have read, or haven’t had the right ingredients so have substituted to my liking.

Why? I don’t have to put any extra effort in, the ingredients, time, process and even amount of cleaning are committed to memory… It’s why so many people fall into the trap of ‘quick and easy’ to the point of never bothering to learn/practice/play. How can we possibly remember new recipes if we never try?

I’m not perfect… actually, my fail-rate for baking is about 65%, my fail-rate for other foods (like lunch, snacks and dinners) is about 4%.

My mum has always marvelled at where I got my skills from as her baking success rate is the opposite – upwards of 90% – go figure!

I think it comes from a LOVE of tastes, smells, textures a better understanding of produce, chemicals, and ingredients in mass-produced items, and the confidence of creativity. I am not afraid of experimenting. Never have been. And I’m ALWAYS keen to eat. Much to my current partner’s delight as I’m usually throwing some new ‘cheffed-up’ meal to see how it is received.

I don’t subscribe to a definition of the type of eater I am. Vegetarian, Vegan, Plant-Based, Pescetarian, Fruitarian, Ovo-Vegetarian, Breathatarian (fasting) or Kangatarian (Yes, this is a diet group who only include Kangaroo meat as their animal meat source).

I’m pretty much a Flexitarian… Ha! Flexible because it has to suit MY BODY and MINE ONLY!!

I stay away from certain foods because my body tells me to. I don’t want to live in pain, or with constant flatulence, vomiting, cramps, and sleepless nights. I don’t want things like thrush, and headaches, and depressive days, or hyper mood-swings (apart from my cycle).

So I choose when and what I put in my mouth for no other reason than I am an intelligent homo-sapien with the decision-making capacity to do so, and I prefer to live a stable, enjoyable pain-free life, and take my cues from my gut/body.

The recipes I include will often have images from other people’s recipes… because EVERYONE knows your own version never looks as amazing as the photoshoot-style ones in the book do right?

But other ones, are my little food-creations. I might give suggestions as to why this food/meal choice is a good one. I will link to other people’s ideas or research for your personal interest and add some stats on what is good about the recipe or ingredients, plus an ‘I-can’t-cook’ rating (tested on some lovely people whose skills may not be “mastered” let’s say).

But all of it will ultimately pertain to my body.

Give them a try, experiment yourself. I don’t usually add the syrup, or sugars most recipes require. I like savoury over sweet so I usually do that…. You might hate Sage but love Rosemary – so try it with Rosemary for f*cks sake! (I love both) but you get my drift.

Most of all, commit and have fun with the process of cooking/making food. Be mindful of the ingredients you are choosing. Be conscious of why, and where they are coming from. Turn off the TV. Leave your phone just out of arm’s reach. Bring yourself into the kitchen with a little bit of heart, maybe some fancy footwork to your favourite tunes, invite over a friend to make for and share laughs if you don’t quite nail it, or get your hands dirty alongside a loved one (too much?).

Learn to love the medicine of the body, by mixing it with medicine for the soul.


Nina x












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