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Steph and I connected via the Instawebs (Instagram duh!). We immediately struck up a conversation about our ideas on wellness, health and the like and how fluid and open to interpretation it is. I think this is what bonded us.

My heart stays in the desert where I was born, raised and attended Arizona State University. I moved to San Diego, California about a year ago to pursue my dreams of living by the ocean and carrying out a career in fitness. I hope to spread optimism, gratitude, and happiness to all I come into contact with. I spend free time enjoying the ones who mean most to me, reading up on personal development strategies, and taking runs through nature. My passion is to help people through fitness by motivating them to feel their best and strongest selves. I believe physical activity is the ultimate mood booster and good vibe promoter.

Recently I’ve become involved with the body positivity movement. I believe that our bodies should be celebrated and honored. We workout and take care of ourselves because we love ourselves. I also hope to spread health consciousness and self-love!

She has recently quit her job to move to a place that supports her Wellbeing and life choices and I absolutely love this! The pure joy she sends out, even through her interview and chats with me, has built my motivation for moving my body again. Thankyou Steph ❤

Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Where do you call “home”?

 A: Phoenix, Arizona in the US

How would you describe your ‘occupation/job/what you do for a living’:

A: Fitness Instructor

How do you define ‘Wellbeing’?  #wellbeingyourway

There can be so many ways to interpret the meaning of “wellbeing”, and that is exactly the point. I personally think of the term as well rounded health in every manner. When determining your wellbeing it’s imperative to take into consideration mental, physical, personal, friendship, romantic, nutritional, spiritual and environmental health. And that is just a short list to begin!

Wellbeing is loving your mind, body, soul and life. It is knowing that every decision you make will affect your wellness. It is owning each and every one of those decisions. 

It is realizing that how we take care of our bodies in our younger years will greatly affect the quality of life we have when we are older.

What practices/patterns/habits/rituals keep you in the state of (or on the journey to) ‘Wellbeing’?

Living a healthy life of exercising and eating right keep me on the path to well being. I strive to listen to my body each day. I pay attention to how certain foods make me feel. I’m in tune with what type of physical movement my body needs. Sometimes it’s weightlifting and sometimes it’s a nice walk. Aside from being in tune with my body, I feel that yoga brings me to the state of wellbeing. By harnessing in on my practice, I am able to pinpoint the factors in life that will take an effect on me, negatively or positively.

One practice that I find brings clarity to my day, is starting and ending each day with a tall glass of water. Living in the desert makes it easy to be unknowingly dehydrated. Having adjusted to this low level of hydration my entire life, I need to make a conscious effort to drink a ton of water. Water is literally the elixir of life. You can’t drive a car without gas, and you can’t fully function without water in your body.

Describe your journey to ‘Wellbeing’?

Every day is a journey to Wellbeing. I was fortunate as a kid to have parents who started to care about what they were feeding us. At about 12 years old, my parents became self-educated about organic products, and the reality of our food chain. I took a major interest in this topic and began reading books on health myself. As an active child involved in sports exercise just happened for me. I was constantly running, golfing, swimming or dancing. I never felt as though being active had to be practised until I got to college. During my high school years, things took a turn in my family financially. My parents started acting as if they forgot about the health news they studied in personal time. They resorted to purchasing the cheaper, not as high of quality foods at the store. Although this upset me, I would be on my own in college soon anyway.

College is a transitional period for many in their wellbeing journeys. It is a time where you are on your own. Unless you’re a college athlete, no one expects you to be at practice or condition in your off season. Your parents aren’t around to make you balanced meals. To me, this was empowering. I was found in the salad lines in the dining halls and the gym every day working hard. I knew that when I ate right and worked out, I felt my absolute best. When I felt amazing, my brain worked better which made school easier. When school is easy, then I have more time to take shifts at the restaurant and hang out with my friends. Early on I was able to realize that if my health is optimal, it will trickle to every other part of my life.

Every day is a journey to wellbeing. I think of wellbeing as something that you can only ever achieve per moment. Wellbeing is a constant practice. It’s being mindful of your decisions in the sense that every choice contributes to a bigger picture.

On your journey, what are the biggest obstacles/greatest fears you face, (past and present) and why are they important?

The biggest obstacle I face on my journey is being influenced by my friends. If I were trapped on an island I would find a way to make kombucha and I’d be practising yoga on my own every day. However, I value my friendships tremendously which ultimately leads me to obstacles. I find that my friends really love for me to drink with them and indulge in desserts or skip the gym to hang out. I’ve had to learn it the hard way, that you are who you hang out with. And if I want to live my best and healthiest life, I need to hang out with like-minded individuals. It is important to surround yourself with people who will support you no matter what your goals are.

What’s in your “Inspiration Collection”?  

1. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
2. “Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live” -Jim Rohn
3. “If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it”

What is your motto/quote you live by?

Nothing in life is mandatory!

Best recycle-not-waste habit/tip? 

‘One mans trash is another man’s treasure’. Give away everything you don’t use instead of throw away. Give to your friends, roommates, the homeless, anyone!

Have you ever been on a Pilgrimage or soul-defining adventure, and what was your inspiration?

I have not! I would love to visit Iceland and spend all my time out in nature and hiking. I’d love to leave my phone behind and just embrace the beauty.

Where was the best place (overseas or local) you have visited or experienced that supported your Wellbeing?

Sedona, AZ always supports my wellbeing! I find my soul at peace there. It’s always great to go on a nice hike and find a healthy restaurant to enjoy afterwards.

Three unusual/fun facts about you?

1. I could drink coffee all day long
2. Overcast weather brings me down.
3. I don’t like being alone, ever.  

How many fucks do you give as to ‘what other people think’ on a scale of zero to ten?

3. I strive for 0 and hope to get there someday!

Social connections, links/websites:

Instagram: @thelilavocado @stephaniaochs
recent business venture with body positivity: @bloomfittraining


If you would like to add your definitions and journey or inspirations to my collection - please Contact me, I would love to hear from you.

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Wellbeing Definition Collector. Proudly 'not-normal', and possible crazy cat lady. I have a broken social filter, can be brutally honest, and I adore my alone time. I feel, fail and hurt just like you, but I also succeed, learn, and love like you too. I believe in Energy, in trying everything once, that connections happen for a reason, and I aim to collect as much life experience as I can. The Inspired Life Collective (TIL.Co) is a personal blog which focuses on me, and associated 'collections' of inspiration whilst doing #wellbeingmyway. Everyone's journey is different, but I hope to inspire others, around the world, to trust in the journey of ‘Wellbeing’ no matter how it's defined. 🌈 💛

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