“Live wholeheartedly and be honest to oneself,
Live for MY definition of ‘Wellbeing’ (mind+body+soul),
Live creatively with play and a sense of wonder,
Live to gain knowledge and use it to inspire others,
Live with passion and energy,
Live without giving too many F**ks (Sarah Knight style)
Live to Collect – every thought, every emotion, every theory and every soul that I can ”    Nina, 2017 The Inspired Life Collective

This is a collection of experiences, mind musings, knowledge, and people I’ve met and continue to meet, that created the need for The Inspired Life Collective in my life.

Why blog?

I’m writing this for me. For my own healing and growth. To keep me accountable. In order to do that, I had to throw a few extra f**ks at it because it usually brings me joy and I feel like I need to be selfish.

Secondly, it’s a start towards where I want to go. To make more of life, the life I decided to keep living and eventually help others in the process.

Who am I?

I’m just another human finding life purpose and exploring the path to my definition of Wellbeing. I am creating a new lifestyle for myself and want to extend that to others.

FYI: I swear a bit here, more so in real life. But it’s not to fill the blanks, it’s for humour and emphasis. I also fail often, feel deeply (the highs and lows) and can be a righteous, self-absorbed bitch, that doesn’t mean I am an active one to others. I do have a habit of influencing people to be a better version of themselves. Because I know a bit about a lot of stuff, but it’s everything I have LIVED so far. And I’m on my way to coaching others, so here’s my start.

I hope my journey sheds light on learning to live well by your own definition and connects with anyone needing support on their Wellbeing [or not] journey.