Broth of Life

Sorry veggos – you might want to cover your eyes for this one.

Here is my “minimal effort required” bone broth. Takes about 7-10mins including prep time.

I got a bunch of messages and comments about my broth on my story. For LOADS more bone broth recipes or uses, search the internet. Or see my Instagram tag for ideas.

Side note: don’t buy a perfect chicken/an eye fillet steak… The whole point of BONE broth – is sustainability and the goodness you’ll get from the bones. Take any bony, feet, necks, frames, left-over offcuts/ things that are going to waste anyway, bone marrow and gelatinous goo are golden. Get to know your butcher, or local farmer etc. Ask them questions They might even throw in freebies or extra next time you are there. This way you get an understanding of where you’re meat is coming from and your mindful attitude helps with the whole ‘grateful’ part of actually being able to eat it.

You’ll need to source:

  1. A Slow cooker – essential in my opinion for this one.
  2. Chopping board – but if you chop on the kitchen bench I can’t stop you.
  3. Vegetable cleaner – plenty of companies do them, but you will want to use one with ZERO bullshit in it (I like Modere’s multi-purpose cleaner, or vinegar, or food grade organic essential oils – do your research)
  4. ORGANIC PRODUCE: Yup, you’re going to be cooking/soaking leeching out nutrients from this broth so choosing veggies full of chemicals/pest/herbicides doesn’t exactly spell the “life” bit of Broth of Life now does it?

    – Approx 2x Onions, 2-4 Carrots, Celery heart/stems/leaves of about 2-5 stems, a few sprigs to a ‘half -a-garden’  of Chosen herbs – think; parsley, coriander, thyme, rosemary, Salt & pepper – judge this yourself,

    Organic, grass-fed, non– GMO, free-range chicken or beef are my top picks, but you can do wild-caught fish too (I haven’t done as much research or experience with a veggie broth’s nutritional value but if enough people ask – I will).
  6. Enough filtered water to cover everything in the cooker.
  7. Magic Ingredient: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

You’ll need to DO:

Chop your veggies, chuck in the bones, and anything from a few sprigs to “half a garden” of herbs. Season with S&P and cover with filtered water, add the magic ingredient of ACV (about 2 tablespoons), turn dial/press buttons to the “high” setting (and dial it down when you sleep) or auto, or the max hours you can on your slow cooker. And off you trot – not before you clean up, you slacker! 😉



One more thing, chicken and fish need to be cooked for approximately 24hrs, beef approx 36-longer.

When it comes to draining – it’s a whole other bone game – see what I did there? Everyone has their own tricks and tips for this oily, fatty, messy, rich and life-y liquid.
– I have a strainer, over a LARGE mixing bowl, a soup ladle, and a biodegradable/sometimes plastic bag for the scraps because my cat doesn’t eat anything but her pellets – her choice not mine! I store it in IL glass jars (old coconut oil jars work well) and wait until it has cooled to room temperature before storing in the fridge. I also will make an ice-cube tray here or there for future needs. SO many ways of using them. But not for re-using the ice cube trays afterward – unless you are a master cleaner and can get out the taste of broth, or don’t mind your drinks cooled with ice-cubes tasting of… well.. broth duh!


Anyone else have a broth recipe, or tips for storing, uses etc?
Comment below or use the tag #tilcobrothlife to show me them.



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