Krispy Kale K(c)hips

I admit, the last bit didn’t work…but I’m all for making more ridiculous hashtags so I’m rolling with it.
I would put this recipe in the medium effort needed category but after you’ve made them a couple of times, you’ll be way down to not much effort needed at all. I can’t remember my exact scoring right now, but it doesn’t matter.

I had heaps of messages when I posted on my story last time, asking how I did it… I forgot to take photos of some steps and I ate them so fast afterwards, I didn’t do step 13… so stole someone else’s = The Paleo Paparazzi to be exact.

Once you have these made, you can krumble them up to use on all sorts of things, or store them in an airtight container in the FREEZER not fridge, if you have any left that is. When you want to eat them out of the freezer, do so quickly – they won’t last in your lunchbox!

You’ll want to have ready:

∴ KALE – no shi*t hey? Curly, or Tuscan is fine (I prefer organic curly for this, and Tuscan for my “Krispy Kale Krumble”)
∴A large mixing bowl (like… big enough for a head of kale y’know)
∴ Tongs (if you don’t want to use your hands)
∴ Baking trays lined with Sheets of baking paper – if you have reusable stuff… even better!
∴ COCONUT OIL (I know! I’m part of the coconut oil cult, but I’ve done trials and it’s just better – use the damned coco oil ok?)
∴ CHOSEN SPICES (I go for Cumin, Smoked paprika, or Tumeric)

Get your effort ready to go to town: (well, if you haven’t already bought your Kale you probably should head to the nearest organic markets or store and grab some, cause I’ll tell you now… the whole thing is made with.. yup… kale and you don’t really want to be ingesting a whole head of pesticide-ridden food right?)

  1. Turn on the oven to approx 150 degrees (C)- Fan-forced (not just fan as I did in my new unit)
  2. Melt your coconut oil if you don’t live in SEQLD (where we really only have hard coco oil for about 3 months of the year)
  3. Drizzle a little in the bottom of the bowl – again, just trust me on this one.
  4. Tear off Kale from stalks (if you’re like me and you are conscious about where your leftover greens go – compost them, or put in a freezer bag that you later use for other recipes) Don’t make them too small because they shrink, A LOT <- yes it’s two words people!.
  5. chuck all your kale in there and drizzle with more coco oil
  6. Toss… Mix…use those tongs or your hands and get some free moisturiser (just add EOs later ha!)
  7. Sprinkle your chosen spices and the salt – always go a little more spice than you originally think.
  8. Toss/mix again (if you’re a bit crazy you can ditch the order and do 9 THEN 7 and omit 8)
  9.  Lay out those baking trays if you got over excited and forgot to do it before you started steps 1-5
  10.  LayKale leaves on the trays – work best if they don’t overlap (or you get chewy soggy krap – see what I did with the K there?)
  11. Wait while the smells drift into your awaiting olfactory nerve- about 10 mins- and check on them until about 15mins depending on your oven and how badass it is at heating etc. watch for slight colour changes and tap with your finger gently to make sure they are krumbly and or krunchy, maybe even taste one for good luck?
  12. Take them out of the oven responsibly – I know it’s exciting but please don’t let my Khips be the reason you went to the ER.
  13. Take obligatory photographs and tag them with #Khips and @the_inspiredlifeco

EAT EAT EAT – no it is not an issue if you eat a whole head of kale in under a minute… they are that good!

Curly Kale
Flat Lay… punning again, I know!

You’re Welcome!

Signoff xx


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