Station 1 – Whistler, BC

Yup- First country: Canada! I went there – like seemingly every other Aussie in their mid to late 20’s. Apart from a day in Vancouver, which reminded me of Melbourne, I have taken to being part of the ‘bubble’ that is Whistler – I actually feel like I haven’t left Australia at all! Ha!


This place is truly breathtaking.

Granted, I haven’t seen it in the Winter – not that it is any less beautiful, as I have been enthusiastically informed by ‘seasoners’ (mostly Aussies and Nz’s that come over for the Winter season and often get stuck here – by choice of course – for a summer or an extra, accidental 2-7 years.


Example uno: the kitchen window offers a snapshot of the polarity of the seasonal changes here – snow on the mountain cap visibly melting, peeking above mass greenery with the occasional wind-swept flimsy cloud drifting through the tops of the mountain. I can see why the seasoners are almost not wowed by anything anymore and may find it hard to go back to towns and cities after being spoilt daily with epic scenery and adventures.



It’s also little wonder I struggled to sleep with so much beauty to absorb just on the highway or walking into the Village these photos are completely unedited.

I keep waking to find more beauty in the simple things nature offers me. Like the pollen and cotton-tree seedlings that are currently blowing through the air (much to the annoyance of us with allergies) like little snowflakes. The smells are so different, the rustling of the trees, and rushing of rivers create sounds of comfort because I can’t forget nature if I tried, here.

The best part of northern hemisphere summer – HAS to be the LIGHT! If you don’t already know, the sun doesn’t set until 10-11pm. I recall this from the countless times I spent in Europe in summer, but the quality of light is slightly different. The summer ‘lifestyle’ is dictated by this light. Sleeping in is the norm, as is late afternoon (4-5pm) ‘lunches’, adventures and days starting around 11am and doing dinners, socialising and the like until ‘sundown’ then continuing on a little after dark.


Splash’n’chill anyone?

I have been lucky to be taken on mini-adventures and included in ‘day-off’ excursions by the rather large household of 10 (seasoners) I am staying with. One day we spent by a resort pool, after a morning adventure elsewhere, another couple were spent by the Lost Lake (a little taxi/bus ride away or a 1/2 hr ride from the village). We spent these days leisurely floating on a massive inflatable ‘island’ and I was even introduced to the acclaimed ‘Wiffle Golf’ see below.


[Wiffle Golf is played in the woods with tees & holes in the most precarious places, requiring a decent amount of skills to dodge trees, branches, and all sorts of obstacles found in the almost untouched woods.] Click to enlarge photos.

I was unaware how much the Whistler atmosphere and village transforms during the summer season. The main slopes/runs are converted into bike trails, paths and jumps for fearless bikers (including some barely-walking young kids) finishing in a competition in August.

Village Strolls

Oh and for reference, the mountain is partially covered with low-hanging cloud today, yet another view of this ever-changing landscape. If you haven’t noticed, the art of nature is a big part of my Wellbeing so my appreciation for the beauty of this place is definitely something I will take forward.




There are COPIOUS amounts of activities, from ATV tours, river rafting (or floating as the River of Golden Dreams requires), Paddleboarding, cycling, ziplining, and hiking of course - which are some of the adventures I will write about... stay tuned.

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