Blended-Bowls aka Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie Bowls… I have a bit of a bone (sorry vegos) to pick with them, but I’m adding these here because I’m trying to be cool. Ha! who am I kidding? I’ve made ‘smoothie bowls’ since the day my smoothie was too frozen to drink, and I was so hungry I needed to spoon it instead.

Coconut, Raspberry Peanut Butter Bowl… So creamy! Recipe below.

Cue BRAINFREEZE. Should have cashed in on the term then eh?

They looked like sludge, coloured taupe, or brown from the combination of fruit and veggies. Ever made a smoothie and thought – “ah fuck, I am basically drinking what looks like liquid diarrhea?!” Yeah… That… Luckily for my poo-coloured ‘smoothie bowls’,  it was when I was at my lowest point, I wasn’t on any form of social media, and I had NO idea the term was such a hit – so I’m pretty much so cool, I am beyond the trend? *crickets*

… Anyway

I have a ‘sometimes-smoothie-bowl’ mentality mostly because making them shits me to tears. I get wrapped up in getting the ‘art/garnish’ right sometimes, then I think it’s pretty – and take a photo, then totally forget it’s meant to be my meal (by then, it’s melted, and I may as well drink it)… not that you could call a Smoothie Bowl an actual meal, they are a TREAT! They are loaded with fructose… aka sugar!

It drives me crazy that ‘health’ advocates* use this as a go-to food and advertise it as a good alternative, without giving more nutritional information!…[*ok fine, perfect, art-worthy Smoothie Bowl Instagram pages.]

That’s not the worst part. Some of these bowls just blend banana and coloured powder, top with frosted berries and boom! A well-rounded breakfast of champions! Is that really better than having some sauteed veggies, and an egg (or tofu etc)? Seriously? The body doesn’t even get to decide how to utilise it – it’s already ‘chewed’ by the blender!!

Ingredients: 1 large handful Spinach (duh the garnish says so), blackberries, small handful pomegranate, 1/4 small banana, 1/4 medium zucchini, Amazonia Raw Fermented Paleo Protein Powder, oats, Chia seeds, Oat Milk, Water, and probably something else I threw in at the end.

Second to this, Banana, Mango, Grapes and Watermelon (oh don’t get me started on those tiny bikini-clad girls with their enormous watermelon tagged: “healthy summer treat”) are some of the highest fruits in total sugar content. This is even more evident in juices – the fibre is removed completely in some machines and therefore the liquid requires no processing…- anyone for shooting up Fructose? straight into to the blood to get high, thanks.

As much as we need some sugar for our cell production, overdosing on fructose can cause all kinds of reactions, like spikes in insulin then adrenaline, and other processes in the body if you aren’t alternating your daily ‘bowl ritual’ with a breakfast you need to CHEW (not to mention fructose feeds Candida- my foe who reminds me of its power if I go too far).

To combat this at home, I always include veggies in my bowls/Zmoothies (another ode to Sarah Wilson of IQS) like zucchini, spinach and broccoli.

Oh, and consciously chew your smoothie, it encourages the natural digestive process to begin and therefore doesn’t bypass the stomach as ‘liquid’. finally, I advise having one to three per WEEK- not per day! in the morning, so your body can actually burn the sugar throughout the day. But hey, who am I to tell you what to do. Have fun and Bowl On!

Finally, I advise having one to three per WEEK- not per day! in the morning, so your body can actually burn the sugar throughout the day. But hey, who am I to tell you what to do. Have fun and Bowl On!


Recipe for Coconut Raspberry Peanut Butter Bowl

All the ingredients in the title obviously!
Coconut Chips (also for topping)
1 frozen cube coconut Oil
1 handful Raspberries
1tsp Peanut Butter (organic – read here why)
1 Tbsp Chia pudding (or just soak the chia seeds first
1/2 avocado
Flaxseed and Cacao Powder
Raw Amazonia Fermented Paleo Protein Powder
Diamotaceous Earth
Home – Made Almond Mylk
Topped with the stuff you can see and Bukinis


You’re Welcome




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3 thoughts on “Blended-Bowls aka Smoothie Bowls

  1. I think it looks absolutely delicious, even if a little sludgey haha! To be honest I make most of my smoothies on the thicker side, but since I like to take them on the go I’ll usually chuck them in some kind of pot to take to work anyway, and voila an accidental smoothie bowl.
    Still though, great post! Thanks for sharing! And you are effortlessly cool :*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks for your lovely compliment. The best part about that is; I’m totally a dork which I love ha! Keep in contact, I’ve been absent from my little project for a while so maybe you can re-inspire me too. xx

      Liked by 1 person

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